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An early memory is having my morning sleep disturbed by yard equipment at the church across the street. I marched out self-righteously to complain and was met with the response,  “You live downtown, this is what you signed up for.” I remember this whenever I hear train whistles, early morning garbage trucks, the high school band (from half a mile away), Spurs fans, helicopters overhead and children yelling. We chose to be here, and not the suburbs, precisely because of the urban appeal. Noise comes with the territory. But a spike in noise complaints near popular entertainment districts led to the recent formation of a task force and a three-month pilot program in which code enforcement officers respond to noise complaints. The program began in early October and the task force will make recommendations to the city based on the findings. Another complaint about downtown happenings arose when the Conservation Society of San Antonio sent a letter  to Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council requesting “long-range planning” for new mural installations. In the letter, the group argued that “the image of San Antonio is defined by its architectural inheritance, not contemporary art.” Controlling art and controlling noise is arbitrary and subjective, and these two initiatives both have the potential to negatively impact San Antonio.

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Walmart and Sam's Club operate roughly 5,300 pharmacies nationwide, including many in rural areas, while CVS has nearly 10,000 locations. "This change provides more competitive rates more about the author for the Tricare pharmacy benefit and expands quality, convenient pharmacy choices nationwide," Luddy said in a statement to Having access to Walmart pharmacies has been especially convenient to military families find more and retirees who live in rural or remote areas that may lack a chain pharmacy. Plus, many have come to rely on the discounted generic medications, which are offered at rates lower than Tricare copayments. In a blog post last week, Karen Ruedisueli, director of government relations for health affairs at the Military Officers Association of America, said her organization believes that the change will maintain the quality of the Tricare pharmacy program and may even improve it for many beneficiaries. "We understand families who fill prescriptions at Walmart or Sam's Club will be inconvenienced, but others will be pleased to once again have CVS as an option for their prescription medications," Ruedisueli wrote. Pharmacy copays have risen substantially over the past 10 years, in large part due to cost but also as required by Congress as part of a cost-cutting measure to the defense medical budget. This year, Tricare beneficiaries pay $11 for a 30-day supply for a generic drug and $33 for a brand-name medication at retail pharmacies. Non-formulary drugs not listed in Tricare's list of covered medications cost $60. Copayments for the mail-order pharmacy run $10 for a generic prescription and $29 for a brand-name drug for a 90-day script.

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